The Keys to Project Management Success

Program Management:

♦Project Management

♦Enterprise Management

♦Portfolio Management

Engineering Services:

♦System Integration & Enterprise Architecture

♦Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)

♦Process Engineering, Optimizing, & Standardization

♦Technology Integration

♦Capacity Management

♦Change Management

♦System Engineering

Business Services:

♦Performance Metrics

♦Implementation Planning & Management

♦Asset Management

♦Business Continuity Planning

♦Service Evaluation

Emergency Preparedness:

♦Preparedness Assessment

♦Crisis Response Assessment

♦Emergency Resource Management

♦Risk Assessment & Mitigations

   MJ Technical Solutions is certified in:

♦Scrum Fundamentals

♦Six Sigma Yellow Belt

♦Agile Project Management Foundation

♦Is a member of BICSI