MJ Technical Solutions brings both the Team and the Expertise to design your business requirements to meet your needs for success.


The following Services come with installation, monitoring, Scalable Solutions, and Customizing:


♦Network Security

♦Information Security

Design & Protocol Set-Up

♦IT Service Help Desk Setup / Management

♦Open Source IT Infrastructure Design

♦Software Deployment

♦Network Monitoring & Configuration

♦Secure System Designs

♦Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

♦Remote Systems Monitoring

♦Support / Help Desk Customizing

♦Configuration Control

♦Building / Designing Computer Networks

Storage Solutions

♦MetaData Storage Solutions

♦Data Archiving Solutions

Implementation & Upgrade Optimization

♦System-to-System Migration

♦System Upgrade Transition

♦Infrastructure Optimization

♦Information Network Metrics / Optimizing

♦Site-to-Site VPN Connectivity