Aviation Services


Our employees and consultants have extensive technical experience and project management. We will provide exceptional analysis and solutions to your project or maintenance, and provide follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction.

We know that cost is an important factor in decision making.  You can be assured that our company will provide cost effective options and recommendations to complete your project within the specified budget. We take pride in our ability to provide professional, quality work.

The complex and diverse areas of communications and data management are best served by bringing together experts with specialized knowledge working as a unified team. This belief has enabled MJ Technical Solutions to become a trusted and respected company in the field.

When your company contracts with MJ Technical Solutions a team of subject matter experts will be assembled to analyze your requirements and provide cost-effective and efficient options.  We have set the bar high for customer service and will exceed your expectations.  Thank you for choosing MJ Technical Solutions for your next project!

Our employees/consultants have extensive experience in the field of aviation services.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • ATCT Improvement Plans
  • Network Installation and support for wired/wireless systems
  • Short and long haul connectivity systems
  • Remote maintenance capability of IT and ATCT equipment
  • ATCT FCC Certification
  • ATCT Annual maintenance
  • Aviation consulting services
  • Equipment Installation and upgrades
  • Maintenance of portable radios communications
  • Establish and maintain site to site VPN connectivity